Barbara Kafka

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                                                                   Party Food

From nibbles for four to food for a crowd, bestselling cookbook author Barbara Kafka offers partytime recipes for the harried, the hurried, and the helpless. This is the book for the host or hostess who wants to create parties that are an unqualified success, with an array of food that is simple to prepare, reasonably inexpensive, and always delicious!

Party Food gives you more than 400 recipes for finger foods, ranging from the quick and the easy to those that are more lavish and intricate, for party givers who enjoy spending more time in the kitchen. Party Food is as simple as focaccia and as unusual as Mini-Moussaka Rolls; as elegant as classic French Pate en Croute and as basic as the perfect Papaya Salad to serve with chips.

Barbara Kafka offers explanations of how far ahead a recipe can be made, how dishes can be frozen and/or reheated, and how much of a given item you will need per person. Party Food is simply the single, perfect party reference for any occasion.

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